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The battery module consists of single LFP cells, wire, BMS and container.

● Packed with high performance LFP single cell, long life, safety and wide temperature range

● High energy density, small size, light weight, no pollution

● Packing with single cell container, fire retardant wire and laser welding, stable and safe

● Built-in BMS, with battery voltage, current, temperature and health management

● LED indicate the battery SOC and operating status

● LCD Screen display the battery voltage, current, temp.,SOC detail information

● Support communicate with solar inverter bu CAN or RS485

● Update software by RS485 port

● Flexible customization of dimensions

● More than 15 years design life

● Stable performance, maintenance-free

Specification Conditions
Nominal Voltage 51.2V 25℃,0.2C
Nominal Capacity 100Ah 25℃,0.2C
Module weight 50.5kg ±0.5kg
Dimensions(W*D*H), mm 400*550*178 ±2mm
Operating parameters
Charging Voltage 56.0V~57.0V
Discharging Voltage 43.2V
Charging current Max constant charge
Discharging current Max constant discharge
Charge range 0℃~50℃
Discharge range -20℃~55℃
Storage range -20℃~55℃
Built-in BMS Voltage, current, temperature management & cell balance
RS485,CAN communication
BMS Charge
Cell voltage protection 3.9V Delay 1s Recovery at 3.45V
Module voltage protection 60.0V Delay 1s Recovery at 55.2V
Over charging current 1 >102A Delay 10s
Over charging current 2 ≥120A Delay 3s
Temperature protection -5℃ or >70℃ Delay 1s Recover when >0℃ or 60℃
BMS Discharge
Cell voltage protection 2.3V Delay 1s Recovery at 3.1V
Module voltage protection 43.2V Delay 1s Recovery at 48V
Over discharging current 1 > 102A Delay 10s Recovery in 60s
Over discharging current 2 > 150A Delay 3s Recovery in 60s
Short circuit >250A < 0.1mS
Temperature protection <-20℃ or >75℃ Delay 1s Recover when >-10℃ or <65℃
PCB Temp protection >105℃ Delay 1s Recover when <80℃
Cell balance 150mA Passive balance Cell voltage difference > 40mV
Temperature accuracy 3% Cycle measurement Measuring range -40~100℃
Voltage accuracy 0.5% Cycle measurement For cells and module
Current accuracy 3% Cycle measurement Measuring range -200~+200
SOC 5% Integral calculation
Power consumption with
different condition <300uA Switch-off mode Storage & transportation
<300uA Sleep mode Protection & stand-by
<14mA<14mA Operating mode Charging &discharging
Communication ports RS485/CAN Can be customized
Service life
Design life >15years @ 25℃
Cycle life >6000 times, 0.5C, 80%DOD @ 25℃

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